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The season when Americans promise to move to Canada
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The season when Americans promise to move to Canada

As some may have already realized, there has been a big phenomena that has evolved over the years that, when election season hits America, it brings countless pledges from U.S. citizens who swear that, if their preferred candidate loses, they will move to Canada.
While studies have shown that the actual amount of people who do truly pick up and leave America for Canada based on election results is negligible, the practice has grown into sort of a tradition among many (often liberal Democrats) who vow to leave their home country for what they describe as a more liberal-leaning Canada should should a more “hawkish and conservative” Republican claim the presidency. In fact, the practice has grown so common that respected journalist Max Fisher, the foreign affairs blogger for the Washington Post, tackled the story in a post on the site’s blog.
The piece is a great read as Fisher addresses the issue, comes back with some hard facts regarding the actual immigration numbers (about 9,000 people move to Canada from the U.S. every year, many more people actually move from Canada the US, etc.) and asks Canadians how they personally feel about the practice.
My personal belief is that they would not particularly love it. American liberals constantly threatening to use Canada as their “backup plan” doesn’t exactly inspire patriotic pride and the fact that these voters continually seem to make the same empty threats every four years if they don’t get their way would not seem to provide the type of citizen that native Canadians would, or should, welcome.
The thought here is that these people should stop the childish threats and instead work on making their their country the best it can be regardless of which party is holding office.
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