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Immigration to Australia

For many years Australia has been welcoming immigrants to its sunny continent. Since this developed country is so large and holds vast resources the Australian job market is buzzing with activity. If you are under 45 with a good education or skill set, and relevant work experience, your chances of being accepted for immigration are high.
Immigration to Australia
There several different categories under which you can immigrate to Australia. The one most suited to you will depend on how well you satisfy the immigration requirements and if you already have a job offer. Unfortunately application can take up to 12 months to process.
Since Australia is such a popular destination for immigration, a point based system is used to asses ones qualification. Points are awarded for things such as work experience, degrees or qualifications, and you level of English. If you are young, highly skilled, and looking to start a new life, you stand a good chance of being accepted. There are other opportunities for immigration to Australia, but they are generally family and humanitarian programs.
For highly skilled workers the Skilled Migration Visa is the best opportunity. Australia has a General Skilled Migration program, where applicants can receive a permanent visa to live and work in Australia. Qualifications, such as work experience and language ability, are used to satisfy Australian immigration requirements. The applicant does not have to be sponsored by an employer. The age should be between 18 and 45 years old. In addition the skill of the applicant must be listed on Australia's SOL, Skilled Occupation List.
If you have relative who are Australian then you can qualify for a sponsored visa. Those immigrating to Australia under a sponsored visa will have to fulfill more requirements and may even place monetary bonds.
Independent visa categories have the least amount of restrictions placed upon them and is considered the preferred category for those who have the right qualifications and do not have an employer to sponsor them.
In any case you should be able to meet all basic requirements before you attempt to fill out a skilled migration application. Shipping 2 Australia has put up these question to help you asses you candidacy for immigration to Australia:
  • Are you under 45?

  • Is Your English at least at "vocational" level?

  • you have a post secondary education (sometimes skills or work experience are accepted instead)?

  • Is your nominated occupation on SOL?

  • Do you have necessary work experience in your nominated occupation, or do you meet the two-year study requirement?
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